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Shut Up & Skate

Updated: Jul 26

A couple of months ago, in the dead of winter, when it seemed both feasible and that I might never have to live up to any sort of accountability, I announced that I planned on starting to roller skate as a form of exercise. And now, it is the bloom of spring, it turns out my sense of accountability didn't disappear with the snow and it may just be time to put my money where my mouth is and start skating. 😬

I have the gear. I, of course, bought it with the utmost certainty I was going to use it. In pink, to help ensure I actually did.

I have the time. This is a luxury and using it well is important to me. Using it well varies person to person, I know. For me, right now, it means healing and processing and, in this case, literally moving forward in a new way.

I have the playlist. It's awesome.

And I have a plan. This is the part that I have spent the most time on because I want to do this, quite honestly, without injury. I am not a kid anymore and to enjoy something that's going to allow me to sail through the air on 3" wheels, I need to have a sensible and well thought out plan.

So here it is:

Steps 1 & 2: choose skates and safety gear. Get over feeling like a dork in giant pink helmet. Done.

Step 3: Scout out locations that are relatively rock and stick free. Minimal cracks in asphalt. Likelihood of running across another human (except for the one holding my hand the first few times), low to none. Done. Step 4: Inform above-mentioned human of the hand holding and outdoor "rink" set up I have designed in my mind to get started. Convince him I am not nuts. (He's not sure just yet. See below.)

Step 5: Decide on a date. Meditate on it. Envision myself successfully navigating life on 8 wheels and enjoying the heck out of it. Gradually and incrementally getting better at it. I don't expect to be Kelsey ⬇️any time soon, but, I can't wait to feel the joy she so obviously does on wheels. this space! I'll be sharing my baby steps and missteps (see below 🤣) along the way and having a blast doing it!

AND WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS MAN!!!! 🙌🏼The joy! It's palpable. I want some of that for myself. We all deserve as much joy as we can find in this crazy little thing called life. 💖

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