• Lori Nanan

Love Where You Live.

Updated: Jul 26

I love where I live. From the beauty of the Mighty Delaware to the seemingly endless sky. From the foliage that changes with the seasons, to the many moods of the river.

I love where I live. From the sights to the food.

From the nature to the mood.

From the streets to the shops and the eats.

From the view my dog and I see out my front window. (We have differing opinions on whether this is "adorable" or "offensive". 🙄)

From the fires we can enjoy indoors and out.

From the way my husband and my dog can turn a place from a house into a home effortlessly.

And the way my cat proves to me every single morning that love is more important than yoga, though the two are not mutually exclusive if you do it right.

I hope that you, too, get to #lovewhereyoulive 🏡

And if you don't, come visit me. We've got lots to love around here.

PS: this week's playlist is 70's in the sun 🌞

If you missed last week's in my bio, here it is. It's fun, if I don't say so myself. 🌱

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