Words for comfort, courage and JOY. 💓

I'm inspired by so many artists, writers and activists.

May their work shine a light for you, too. 🙌🏼

Flashes of Wonder and Beauty

They're everywhere! Just gotta look around!

Can You Try To Suck At Something New?

I could work out and be FUN!

Wag Your Tail, Shake A Tailfeather, Be JOY!

Be. More. Dog.

Be Brave Enough To Be It

Brave enough to step out of the dark and into the light.

Overcoming Criticism and Finding Courage, Be Your Own Hero

Learning to stand alone is bravery in action.

Be a Better Life

Kindness, hope, joy, connection. 🔑

Key to Better Relationships: Build a Strong Foundation

Your gut knows when something isn't right. Pay attention!

Be Rewarded

Be brave and clear the way for a new hello.

Merry & Bright

May you find joy in the holidays.

Be Here Now

Anywhere else isn't an option.

Everyone's adventure is different

Say YES!

Integrity first

Actions say more than words. Do your actions say integrity?

Vulnerability Is A Superpower

Lean into it.


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